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Jim Bell

Jim Bell carries a wealth of investment knowledge and over 40 years of experience in the securities industry.  He has served as a registered advisor and managed brokerage offices for many of the top-named large brokerage firms, including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Drexel Burnham Lambert.  Over the years he has fulfilled many roles and has vast experience in hiring, training, educating, and mentoring professionals and the public alike.  Holding a certificate of competence from the Options Institute, he teaches classes on the uses and risks of listed options developed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).  Jim is a Certified Senior Advisor and has a passion for helping seniors find suitable investment opportunities to help them “outlive” their money.

Jim is an Investment Advisor and is licensed by the State of Texas as an Insurance Agent.  Strategic Money Report LLC is wholly owned by Jim and offers advisory services through Worth Financial Group in Dallas, Texas.  He is a graduate of West Texas State University and attended The University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.

Jim has one son, Paul, who is now married and raising children with his wife.  Jim enjoys riding horses, snow skiing, scuba diving, and rooting for the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys.  He is a member of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas

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The Elliott Wave Principle

In the 1930s,Ralph Nelson Elliott, a corporate accountant by profession, studied price movements in the financial markets and observed that certain patterns repeat themselves. He offered proof of his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock market forecasts. What appears random and unrelated, Elliott said, will actually trace out a recognizable pattern once you learn what to look for. Elliott called his discovery "The Elliott Wave Principle," and its implications were huge. He had identified the common link that drives the trends in human affairs, from financial markets to fashion, from politics to popular culture.

Robert Prechter, Jr., president of Elliott Wave International, resurrected the Wave Principle from near obscurity in 1976 when he discovered the complete body of R.N. Elliott's work in the New York Library. Robert Prechter, Jr. and A.J. Frost published Elliott Wave Principle in 1978. The book received enthusiastic reviews and became a Wall Street bestseller. In Elliott Wave Principle, Prechter and Frost's forecast called for a roaring bull market in the 1980s, to be followed by a record bear market. Needless to say, knowledge of the Wave Principle among private and professional investors grew dramatically in the 1980s.

When investors and traders first discover the Elliott Wave Principle, there are several reactions:

  • Disbelief – that markets are patterned and largely predictable by technical analysis alone
  • Joyous “irrational exuberance” – at having found a “crystal ball” to foretell the future
  • And finally the correct, and useful response – “Wow, here is a valuable new tool I should learn to use.”

Just like any system or structure found in nature, the closer you look at wave patterns, the more structured complexity you see. It is structured, because nature’s patterns build on themselves, creating similar forms at progressively larger sizes. You can see these fractal patterns in botany, geography, physiology, and the things humans create, like roads, residential subdivisions… and – as recent discoveries have confirmed – in market prices.

Natural systems, including Elliott wave patterns in market charts, “grow” through time, and their forms are defined by interruptions to that growth.

Here's what is meant by that. When your hands formed in the womb, they first looked like round paddles growing equally in all directions. Then, in the places between your fingers, cells ceased growing or died, and growth was directed to the five digits. This structured progress and regress is essential to all forms of growth. That this “punctuated growth” appears in market data is only natural – as Robert Prechter, Jr., the world's foremost Elliott wave expert and president of Elliott Wave International, says, “Everything that thrives must have setbacks.” Learn More >>

If you are an investor in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, bond funds, exchange traded funds, real estate, or gold and other precious metals, you are on the right page on the right website and are considering the right newsletter. Strategic Market Notes is published the second and last Friday of every month.

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In every issue of Strategic Market Notes you will get up to the moment technical analysis of the senior stock market averages and indexes. This will prepare you for the short term (2 to 4 weeks), intermediate term (1 to 6 months), and long term (6 months to several years). You will see charts with a vast amount of information and conclusions for the Dow Industrial Average, the S&P 500 Index, and Nasdaq Indices (both the 100 and Composite).

Strategic Market Notes is not a place for specific security recommendations. Rather it will be a complete guide to the environment for investors of every description with respect to the financial markets. Whether you make decisions for investment in your IRA, 401-K, other retirement programs, or you are a short term trader or long term investor, there will be something for every one of you.

You will be exposed to all kinds of technical studies and indicators. You will see examples of market conditions in terms of market sentiment, market momentum, volume trends and much more.

You will be exposed and challenged to learn the work of RN Elliott. The Elliot Wave Principle is the basis of most of the author’s forecasts and opinions on all matters pertaining to the Stock Market, as well as most other publicly traded markets. You will be given charts showing the current wave count potentials for many of the senior market averages in each issue and any alternate count in the event of ambiguity in the wave patterns, which is much of the time!

Each issue will discuss the U.S. Economy, and many times an assessment of the world economy. Economic issues will range from the growing debt contagion in the U.S., and mounting economic pressures with respect to state and local governments and corporations alike. You will also hear how this may affect you and your family’s budget going forward.

Every issue will have some practical examples exploring how the economy is affecting life in America and how this might affect you.

Finally, every issue will offer a summary of opinions concerning the current state of the stock and other markets to allow you to make better and informed decisions. A great way to familiarize yourself with Jim’s work is to listen to the Strategic Money Report. By going to the Strategic Money Report section of the website, you will find many, weekly radio broadcasts dating back to the summer of 2007. And the account to listen to radio shows is FREE! In addition, each week’s radio show is published on the website by the end of the day each Friday. As a subscriber, I suggest you listen to the radio show on the same day you read the newsletter.

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