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We invite you to invest with us. Through Worth Financial Group, we open accounts for clients at the Institutional division of TD Ameritrade. Every clients account is managed by Jim Bell based on the clients objectives, risk tolerance, and financial condition. Each client will be shown several strategies employed in the management of the account with respect to covered call writing and other option related “hedged strategies” and will be invited to ask questions and spend time formulating appropriate strategies.

In order to invest, a client must meet the following requirements:

  • Account size of at least $100,000.*
  • Minimum Household Net Worth of $250,000.
  • Investment objective is mainly growth of money or capital appreciation.

Upon opening and funding an account, each client will be called personally by Jim Bell and will be provided a username and password to enable them to view their electronic statement on the TD Ameritrade website.

Ongoing management of all client accounts will be performed by Jim Bell of “The Strategic Money Report”, a weekly radio broadcast on both public radio and the internet which concerns the financial markets and the economy.

Jim is a 40-year Wall Street veteran with numerous years of experience in investment management, trading, and teaching experience with regard to put and call options. Jim is certified with the Options Institute as a trained professional and teacher. The Options Institute is a subsidiary of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Information on both the Options Institute and the CBOE can be found at

Jim is also a Certified Senior Advisor with many years’ experience in advising senior citizens on matters of investments.

Jim is associated with Worth Financial Group Inc. a registered Broker-Dealer and Register Investment Advisor in Dallas, Texas. Information concerning Worth Financial Group can be obtained by contacting Jim Clark at (469) 916-4287.

Ongoing service to clients and client communication will be performed by Jim Bell or his assistant. Client communication is by “phone only” as time does not allow us to read or respond to emails.

There are additional fees and expenses generally associated with options transactions and ETF transactions for managed accounts.

For more information, please contact us using the informatio at the bottom of the page; please provide your name, telephone number, and email address so we can contact you promptly.

Information can be obtained at theTD Ameritrade website

See the notes below for which forms you will need. We will also need a copy of a current drivers license or passport to comply with the "Patriot Act".
  Forms 17 & 18 below are for clients to keep. The Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options is 129 pages so clients might want to consider saving this document locally on their own system rather than printing it.
Worth Financial Group
Form ADV - Part 2
Worth Financial Group
Form ADV - Part 2A
TD Ameritrade
IRA Move Money Form
TD Ameritrade
Move Money Form

For Individual and Joint Accounts you will need forms number 1, 2 (if transfering from another firm), 3 (requesting Level 3 trading) 4A and 19.

For IRA Accounts you will need forms number 1, 2 (if transfering from another firm), 3(requesting Level 3 trading), 4A, 5, 6 and 19.

For Trust Accounts you will need forms number 1, 2 (if transfering from another firm), 3(requesting Level 3 trading), 4A, 12, 15, 16 and 19.

Other forms may be required.  Contact Jim Bell's office at the numbers at the bottom of the page if you have further questions.


The existence of this website should not be construed in any direct or indirect manner as a solicitation for securities or investment advisory business in any states beyond the states in which Worth Financial Group Inc. maintains registration. Worth is registered for Advisory Services in Texas, Florida & California. Information associated with this website is believed to be accurate, however, Worth Financial Group Inc. makes no guarantee to this fact and Worth Financial Group has no control.

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